What you need to know about them, what we're willing to do & where we can steer you in a better direction:
First, let's be clear. Even though some clients want a Tattoo where they want it, it is 1000% up to the discretion of the Artist & the policies of the Shop to either perform or deny the Tattoo.
The major deciding factors behind our decisions to do certain Tattoos in requested placements are:
1. How they will heal.
2. How many Tattoos you have.
3. Age of the client.
Let's Explain:
 We care about our Client's and the Tattoos they get. We want them to look their best and last for years to come.  The reputation of our shops and Artists, outweighs the monetary value of any Tattoo.
So, how do they heal? Most of these placements, don't heal very well.  Anyone who has them can agree that Fingers, Feet, Neck and Hands are very difficult not only to heal, but getting them to stay.
Here's why: Most of the mentioned areas are always in friction, meaning they're always rubbing something, or they shed skin.(hands, fingers, feet). Thus eventually wearing away at the tattoo.
With the recent introduction of constant use of Hand-Sanitizer, this has multiplied the issue.
We will always suggest moving the placement, however; if you're adamant about a particular spot,  we still need to make you aware that it may not hold or heal properly.  With that being said, we will also let you know they're not covered under our touch-up policy.
Hands, Feet, Neck & Face Tattoos are a minimum touch up fee of $60.00 up to full charge; depending on how much of the Tattoo has fallen out.
2. Hands, Neck and Face Tattoos & why you might be denied:
Although it seems so trendy right now, we're looking out for you. Believe us when we say, it's not always the best idea.
Now, if you walked in here with full sleeves and tell us you're ready for your hands, we'd be down, 100%.
Here's why: We're Old School, Hands are Earned. But there's more to it than that. There's a psychological issue behind hand tattoos that those who just go right to hand-bangers without the gradual sleeve first have to deal directly with constantly being judged in a way they're not ready for. Those who went down their arms first, climatize to the judging and by the time they get to their hands, they have learned to either not allow it to bother them or simply not care.
That being said, we DO care and we're not the shop that will give an 18 year old 2 full "job-stoppers" without sleeves, no matter how much they demand it, or feel they're entitled to them.
We follow the same practice with Neck and Face Tattoos.
At the end of the day, the final word rests with the Artist and Shop.
Thank you for understanding and respecting that.