In this section we feature the work of Resident Artist: Jeannie

Jeannie started out as a Guest Artist at our SOS Buckhorn location, Then decided that she loved it so much she became a Resident Artist at both our Buckhorn and Aurora Locations, now working out of our Aurora Shop. 

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Jeannie works Thursday & Friday's out of Aurora, you can contact the shop to check for availability. 

Originally from Toronto, Jeannie has been Tattooing all over Canada and South America for the last few years.

We're super excited she has made Sink or Swim her home.   

Call the shop at 905-751-0001(AURORA) to reserve a spot with Jeannie or CLICK HERE to go straight to the Appointment Page. 

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A Personal Bio from Jeannie: 


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted onto my feed so here goes! A little reintroduction to get to know me;

Hi! I’m Jeannie (pronounced ‘Jenny’ - I was born in Quebec where my parents gave me a French name) and I’m a full-time artist. It’s taken almost 10 years of hustling as a street artist and graduating from (formerly known as) Ryerson University with a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, to get to where I’ve ended up now.

Primarily these days, I tattoo more than anything and focus on developing a style that could be described as illustrative and/or line work.

During the warmer seasons, I love to spray paint murals and paint outdoors at events as much as possible. If it’s not spray painting or tattooing, then it’s painting on canvas with acrylic, working on a series of pieces in the past for either collaborations or commissions.

Outside of the art realm, I really love to adventure! My absolute favourite things are travelling, camping, biking and dancing. Fun fact; I once hitch hiked from Hamilton all the way to Vancouver, thumbing it on the highway 🤠 I am bilingual, fluent in Spanish and actively relearning French to add a third language. My background is Guatemala, a beautiful country I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many times.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading! I look forward to meeting more clients and continuing to do what I love, every day 💘





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  • I was in with my friend a few weeks ago and Jeannie did such a good job on my stars that I got behind my ear! I loved it!!!

    samantha Diorio

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